Things We Should Not Do After Getting Hernia Treatment

Vanshika Sharma
3 min readSep 22, 2020


The problem of hernia has just one solution, i.e., surgery. So when the bulge starts causing problems to you, then you need to get it operated and removed. Your doctor may provide you with open surgery and laparoscopy options, depending on your medical conditions. But irrespective of the method they opt for, recovery time will be associated with it. If you want this entire healing duration to be comfortable and short, here are some of the things that you should avoid after your hernia treatment.

Return To Work

You may want to get back at work to reduce the number of leaves after your treatment. But it is crucial to understand that your health should be your first priority during the recovery period. You need to give your body as much rest as possible. So even if you have a desk job, avoid going to work for the initial few days. Experts generally recommend having complete rest for at least four days following the surgery.

Unnecessary Physical Exertion

Staying at home doesn’t mean you are free to do anything. Any heavy weight lifting should be avoided for the first two to three weeks. It would be best if you keep the movement minimal for four days after the treatment. It should only be in and around the house, and that too for limited periods. Gradually, you can increase the amount of work, walk for longer durations, and stretch your body. This will ensure that you have a proper recovery without pushing your body excessively.


While driving a car may seem the most effortless activity, most doctors recommend avoiding it for a few days following the surgery. It is due to all the movement of your body and the car. In case of any unavoidable travels, you can sit as a passenger and let someone else drive for you.

Operating Heavy Machinery

If your job demands operations on heavy machinery, you can’t go back to work for some weeks after the treatment. Even at home, you should avoid getting your hands on any bulky appliances. Otherwise, the treated area may get hurt, worsening the condition for you. This will also increase recovery time and discomfort. Therefore, you must work accordingly.

Ignoring Warning Signs

In some cases, the situation gets worse following the treatment. Patients sometimes suffer from severe internal or external issues. That is why it is vital to pick the warning signs and consult the doctor while there is still time for improvement. For example, you need to contact your healthcare provider if the incision drainage becomes sore and red. This can be a sign of underlying wound problems.

Not Taking Medications Appropriately

Your doctor will provide you with some medications for pain relief, fast recovery, and bowel movements. These medicines ensure that you have a comfortable and speedier recovery. So you should take these medications’ proper dosage on the recommended time. Else you may have to go through a tough time.


It is challenging to deal with the problem of hernia. That is why doctors suggest getting it treated on time. But you should know that there will be a recovery process after the hernia treatment. By avoiding all the mentioned points, you can get back to your healthy life sooner while ensuring a better recovery.



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