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Cancer is a disease in which the body cells start growing abnormally and then start spreading to your other parts of the body. It is imperative to consult the best cancer doctor in India or elsewhere to battle this fatal disease.

For your convenience and time-saving, we have listed down the top 13 oncologists in India. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the types of cancer.

What Are The Types Of Cancer?

There are more than a hundred types of cancer. Following is the list of categories of cancer that affect a particular kind of cells:


This is the most common…

Appendicitis creates severe pain in the lower right abdomen in the body. Even if there is less significance of the appendix in the body, it’s better to get surgery on the appendix when it gets infected. The appendix symptoms include continuous vomiting, weakness, constipation, swelling of the lower abdomen and discomfort for the free movements of the body parts like limbs and arms.

The appendix surgery alleviates these symptoms, and there is a recovery in the patient’s immune system with the help of regular workouts without stress. …

The blood circulating in the heart is vital. It distributes different nutrients and oxygen into other tissues and organs in the body while collecting waste and carbon dioxide. However, it may cease to function properly due to certain complications. That’s when you need a heart transplant.

Top 6 FAQs About Heart Transplants

When Is A Heart Transplant In India Done?

When all other therapies have failed, a heart transplant is the last resort. It is performed in case of severe heart failure.

What Are The Risks Involved In Heart Transplantation?

The primary hazards related to heart transplantation in India include:

Donor Heart Rejection

This is one of the most frequent heart transplant concerns. After a heart transplant in India, the immune system fights foreign bodies…

A liver transplant is a risky procedure. Hence doctors suggest it only to patients with a life expectancy of at least one year without the transplant.

Statistics reveal that around 2 lakh people die of liver disease every year in India. Out of those, 50,000–60,000 need a liver transplant. However, people looking for a donor exceed their availability.

Without a transplant, patients with decompensated chronic liver disease have a 1, 3, and 5 years survival rate of 45–70%, 25–45%, and <10%, respectively.

India has excelled in providing the best liver transplant centers in the world. Liver transplant in Delhi alone…

Cervical disc replacement is a constructive treatment for people who are suffering from spinal disc herniations, a condition referring to the rubbery disc present in between the spinal bones. It is considered adequate because it helps the patient return to his neck’s regular activity faster.

In cervical disc replacement surgery, the affected disc. i.e. intervertebral is replaced with the artificial one. Then, one or two deep surgical cuts are made on the sides or front of your neck. …

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, constant high blood pressure, and blockage of arteries, the chance of CVD is ever-increasing.

Heart diseases in India led to 23% of total deaths and 32% of adult deaths in 2010–2013 alone.

Heart hospital in India considers that the most common risk factors of CVD are-

● smoking
● diabetes
● hypertension
● abdominal obesity
● psychosocial stress,
● unhealthy diet
● physical inactivity

But some risk factors are unavoidable. They will always be present and pose a threat to your healthy heart.


Getting Alzheimer’s disease is a nightmare for anyone. No one would like to forget their loved ones. No one would want to forget places they have visited over their lifetime. Not able to cherish the memories one has created over their entire life can be disturbing.

It is the most common form of Dementia. It mainly strikes you at a growing age. There are more than 4 million cases of Alzheimer’s disease in India alone. This post will discuss how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease at an early level. Also, what does Neuro hospital in India do to treat it?


Liver Transplant Surgery

In a liver transplant, either a part of the liver from a living donor or a complete liver from a deceased is transplanted into the patient. Such cases of liver transplant in Delhi alone are approximately 7000 per year.

Liver transplants are major surgeries with a risk rate of around 5%-10%. The best hospital to get a liver transplant in Delhi is Max Healthcare. This article discusses the top 10 things related to liver transplants that no one tells you, but you must know.

Coronavirus and Cancer (Image Source: Central Montana Medical Center)

The covid-19 pandemic has hit millions of people worldwide. Many of them have entirely recovered, and many have lost their lives to this pandemic. However, people with existing chronic medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc., are at a higher risk of getting infected than others.

Cancer patients generally have a weak or impaired immune system, and hence do not have enough capacity to fight back diseases as a normal person. Many cancer patients might have gone through various medical treatments, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc., that may end up suppressing their immune systems.

Therefore, such cancer patients…

In India, an average cancer patient requires treatment three months after the symptoms appear. Due to fear of contracting coronavirus and lack of facilities mostly in metropolitan cities, patients may find it challenging to seek cancer treatment in Delhi.

Patients generally consult a doctor five months after the appearance of symptoms, which can prove to be dangerous. Even the patients with ongoing treatment are unable to receive necessary medical attention.

Also Read: Questions to Ask a Doctor about Your Cancer Treatment

Prioritisation & Guidelines

Hospitals have laid out guidelines for managing the cancer cell and mitigating the harmful effects of the COVID-19 pandemic…

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